"Who's next?"

Zorg is a member of the Chain Breakers warband and is seen as their champion.

Backstory Edit

Zorg was born in darkness, from the filth where all monsters and beasts rise forth. Not much is known from this fearsome creature.

Some say he was bred for war by evil warlords, others say he was part of the warband that invaded the civilised townships of Elgardt. The markings on his hands and feet show scars of chains that must have restrained him for a life time.

Some of the townsfolk say they remember the fearsome Orc as the famous gladiator that tore apart both man and beast in the Colloseum for entertainment of the King many winters ago when Elgardt was in its prime.

Scars cover his face and arms. His armour is littered with bones and heads of fallen enemies.

Witnesses from the Hundred sword invasion tell of a savage Orc warrior that tore apart the flanks of the invaders during the siege. The hundred swords have laid Elgardt in ruins. The old government is no more, and Elgardts people and wealth have scattered. Warbands and raiders have risen up to scavenge what is left of Elgardt.

This same warrior has been seen in the Vanguard leading the charge of the raiders known as the Chainbreakers. This Orc would tear apart both shield and armour in beserker rage.

Men, Elves and Dwarves in all the corners of Elgardt tremble when they hear the name....Zorg.

Characteristics Edit

Zorg is violent rude and blunt, yet he is loyal to his brothers in arms. He wields the mace of Karak, which was forged by the ancient dwarves on the Mace Isles of Kaali thus is as light as a dagger.

Body 5, Mind 2, Spirit 2

Race: Orc (+1 wp proficiency)

Weapon Proficiency:1. Crude weapon, 2.Shield break, 3.Throwing, 4.Shield, 5.Medium Shield, 6. Large Shield

Mind: 1. Heavy Armour, 2. Deflect Magic

Spirit: 1. Strongman, 2. Escape Artist, 3. Deceit, 4. Public speaking (Diplomacy)

Licenses: Bounty, Hunting

Prestigue: Juggernaut (+1hp armour)

Total hitpoints: 7hp

XP Total: 5500XP (500xp spirt upgrade, 3500xp body upgrade, 500xp replaced cleave with defect magic, 1000xp juggernat prestigue)