The number of weapon feats you can learn are equal to your body score, though small shield training and throwing weapon feats are free.

Feat trees that are numbered require you to take the lower numbered skill before purchasing the next.  

Some abilities appear in multiple skill trees. When purchased from one tree, it applies to all others that can use the stated ability.

To change a feat costs 200 exp. 

Shield TrainingEdit

You can use shields defensively in battle, but only one shield can be carried at any one time.

1. Shield Training, Small
2. Shield Training, Medium
3. Tower Shield, Large

Two Handed WeaponsEdit

Allows for Great Swords, Great Axes, Warhammers and Great Clubs to be wielded. Only Great Swords may thrust all other two handed weapons may only slash. Two handed weapons also give 2hp damage but most hands must be on the weapon to count. They also can not be used alongside a shield.

1. Two Handed Weapons
 2 Extended reach: Allows for 1 handed attacks but only causes 1 damage
 2 Sunder

Thrown WeaponsEdit

Coreless weapons capable of being thrown. You may take two throwing weapons as a single weapon slot. Can also be used in melee battle. 

1. Thrown Weapons  
 2. Knife Master  - Allows to carry two extra Throwing weapons.


This includes Pole Arms (151-200cm) such as spears, glaives and halberds.

Can be used as a stabbing or a slashing weapon, but must land the hit with the blade and both hands must be on the haft for it to count. 

1. Pole-Arms 
 2. Extended Reach - Has learnt how to conducted 1 handed thrusts
   3. Phalanx Warrior - The character has learnt how to wield a reach weapon and a shield

Bladed WeaponsEdit

This includes both long and short swords. May be used for slashing or thrusting with approved tips. 

Swords may make Slashing and thrusting attacks. 

1. Bladed Weapons
 2. Dual Wielding - The short weapon must be in the off hand

Daggers Edit

You may wield Tiny weapons (up to 35cm), but may not throw them. Daggers can be used for slashing and stabbing. Daggers are a free proficiency and do not have any other skills in the tree.


Bows are allowed up to 28lb in draw- weight and deliver 2 hit points of damage. Archers can carry up to 6 arrows in their quiver. 

Bows cannot be used to block attacks and any use as a melee wielder causes blow back damage. 

1. Bows
 2. Expanded Quiver - Can now carry up to 12 arrows
 2. Sniper Shot - A ranged Sneak Attack

Crude WeaponsEdit

Thic includes both long and short handled axes, hammers, clubs and maces.

Can only be used to make slashing attacks and short hammers count as a Blacksmith's Hamme

1. Crude Weapons
 2 Dual Wielding - Short weapon mus be in the off hand
 2 Sunder

Mage StaffsEdit

This includes bladeless, pole arm length (151-200cm) staffs for those of a magical persuasion. Must be used as a slashing weapon. 

Can be used to knock aside incoming spells and needs either Mage, Holly or Corrupted archetype to wield. 

1. Mage Staff
 2. Conduit  - Allows the character to have 1 extra spell ball (Excludes Death)

Quarterstaffs and Double Bladed Staves Edit

Quarterstaffs may only be used for slashing attacks, and double bladed weapons may be used for slashing or thrusting with an approved tip. 

1.Quarterstaff and Double Bladed Weapons
 2. Merely a Stick - reduces the weapon weight of a quarterstaff to 0