The amount of weaponry a character may carry is determined by their body score and is called Wargear Allowance.

A character's Wargear allowance is equal to their body score but can be augmented through certain skills.

Wargear List Edit

Weapon Type Weight Size (cm) Notes
Tiny 1/2 Up to 35 Applies to Daggers/Thrown
Short 1 36-89 Applies to Bladed/Crude Weapons
Long 1 90-115 Applies to Bladed/Crude Weapons
Two Handed 2 116-150 2 Damage while slashing
Pole Arm 2 151-200 Must be bladed
Mage Staff 1 151-200 Mustn't be bladed
Quarter Staff/ Bladed Staves 2 151-200 N/A
Bow 1 Max draw 28lb 6 arrows standard, 2 Damage
Small Shield 0 60x50, 55* May not be used to strike
Medium Shield 1 80x55, 70 May not be used to strike
Large Shield 2 100x60, 85* May not be used to strike

*The first measurement is Length x Width, the second is Diameter.

All thrown weapons must be coreless and home made or modified weapons should be checked by an admin, including spell balls.

Banned Weapons Edit

Due to safety reason some sold weapons are currently not allowed to be used. This can be due to the construction of the weapon making them hit too hard or cause damage to other weapons.

  • Wicked Replicas: Battle Legends Ogre Club
  • Wicked Replicas: Filli Hammer
  • Nun chucks
  • Global Gear: Battle Legends Morning Star Mace1

Further note on Wicked Replica weapons: Due to the thicker foam on the first gen try to avoid them and stick to the second gen weaponry (the generation is labeled on the weapons) as they have less dense foam making them safer to be hit with and easier to wield due to being lighter.

Weapons are also not allowed if they have an exposed core.

If a weapon has a broken tip, or it has been deemed unsafe by the admins then it can't be used for thrusting and only can be used for parrying and swing hits.

1 The legality of Morning Star Mace is still under consideration as the rope could cause damage to other people's weapons if it became wrapped around it. Methods of making the Mace safer are being considered but it is currently still not allowed.