Main Rules Edit

  1. War-Hit-Zone
    You may choose one load out column from the Load Out Table , and are only allowed one secondary option per battle.
  2. Two handed weapons (116-150 cm) and arrows cause 2 hp damage per tag and must be declared by the user. All other weapons cause 1 hp damage.
  3. Any items you are allowed to pick up must adhere to your load out allowance. 
  4. You can not dual-wield with a two handed weapon or pole-arm. 
  5. Both hands must be on pole arms for them to land a succesful tag. 
  6. Clerics/Necromancers are limited to using only a primary melee weapon. They can not use a shield or a secondary load out. 
  7. While healing a hand must be placed on the person's shoulder for either a count of 10 or an equaly long chant. If the hand contact is broken the process must start again. 
  8. A Cleric/Necromancer can not defend or attack while healing, and must break contact to do so. 
  9. Please keep the team fabrics tied where they can be easily seen to avoid confusion.  
  10. A hit is counted as long as it isn't on the feet, groin, hands or head. If a player accidentally hits someone in the head, many of them take the damage themselves. 

Load Out Table Edit

The coloured squares denote allowed combinations while the greyed combinations are not allowed.
Main Weapon Bow Short Weapon Long Weapon Two Handed Polearm Battle Magic
No Shield
Small Shield +2 Throwing Weapons +1 Throwing Weapon
Medium Shield +1 Throwing Weapon
Large Shield
Secondary Weapons
Short Sword
Thrown Weapons 2 Throwing Weapons 2 Throwing Weapons 2 Throwing Weapons
Other + 4 Arrows +3 Spell Markers + 3 Spell Markers +6 Spell Markers

Battle HP Edit

While some games determine the HP you are given for others your HP may be based on your outfit and whether you are new to the game. If you are new the the game you receive 5HP no matter how you are dressed, otherwise the below table can be used.

HP Requirements Example
5 Costuming with no mundane clothing Complete costume from head to toe
4 Half costuming with mundane clothing Sneakers or jeans
3 No costuming only mundane clothing No attempt at costuming at all

*Mundance clothing is considered anything modern that can not be interpreted as being in a medieval fantasy setting.

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