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Va'al is a human battle mage with a hatred for orcs.

Backstory Edit

Born to Shaéith Clans during the 3rd Great Orc Horde, Vaʿal was bred to hunt and exterminate the Orcish marauders raiding the country side. Trained in the traditional long curved blades of Shaéith and devastating battle magic, he used these skills to decimate the Orcish hordes for 10 long years.

After 20 years of war a truce was reached with the Horde leader U’rakkash at the cost sacred Shaéithian land. Vaʿal’s hatred for the Orcs was such that he could not abide his elders decision & thus he began bargaining with darker powers.

Reaching out to the vengeful spirits of the god Arakesh, he awoke a dark energy within himself and an insatiable bloodlust. Consumed by his hatred, he began his rampage. With every innocent Va’al slaughtered the greater his powers became, as did his slide into madness...

Eventually word spread about Va’al’s foul deeds & the shamans of U’rakkash set a trap for the maddened mage. With the aid & consent of the Shaeith elders, the Shamans created a transmutation circle of immense power; using it to drain almost all of Vaʿals power and feed it into U’rakkash.

Left powerless and disgraced Vaʿal was turned over to the Shaéithian elders. Concerned that any judgment by Shaéithian hands could lead to war with U’rakkash again, the elders decided to let the gods pass judgment on his soul. Va’al was strapped to a raft with nothing but the clothes on his back and his sword by his side and cast out to sea to let the tide take him.

For days the waves crashed against him, suffocating him. Va’al called out to the spirits that once filled him but to no avail; he was alone in this great ocean. Or so he thought until he came across a lone gull soaring overhead.

A day later he crashed upon the shore of a foreign land. Still bound Va’al cried out for help, his cries answered by the most unlikely of friendly adventurers, an Orc. Seeing Vaʿals state of distress he ran over and cut the bonds that held Vaʿal. “Are you okay, do you know where you are?” asked the Orc. With clenched teeth Vaʿal bitterly responded “The gods have a funny sense of humor,” and used the last of his magical power to incinerate his the Orc that freed him from his bonds.

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Sifting through what little remained of the Orc, Vaʿal found a gold coin with the words “Elgardt” written across it.

Characteristics Edit

Va'al is often found wielding his katana, he is currently a kings guard to the steward king which may make him un-liked by lower members of society.