"They'll never catch Treo Deiridh."

Current Status:

Member of the Rangers of Rhobis in Elgardt.

Known History:

Treo, being a gambler, tends to rely on luck to take him to his next destination. At the behest of the entity he will only name as the Trickster, he arrived in Elgardt having very narrowly escaped a dwarf city with his skin intact. Wherever Treo appears, chance itself seems to alter, and not always in a good way for him. Dice roll the same numbers constantly, and the flip of a coin can land on edge. Whether this is the work of a god or a demon is unknown, though it sometimes gives rise to the call of "cheat!"

He is known for his skill with a bow as well as small blades, records of his actions on the battlefield are all but non-existent, though he was sighted during the recent war.

It is thought that his name is cover of some sort, meaning "Last Chance" in an unknown language.

While the garb of Treo may change, he may always be identified by two leather dice pouches as well as his horsebow.


Chaotic Neutral, willing to take risks due to the belief that the Trickster will not let him fall until it is finished with him. Gifted tracker, able to follow any beast, bird or humanoid as far as he needs to. His membership with the Rangers of Rhobis was decided by the toss of a coin, so dedicated is he to chance.