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Tianamen is a dwarven privateer working as a mercenary in Elgardt.

Backstory Edit

Tiananmen was a young dwarf when he first got a taste of the adventuring life, whilst out on a woodcutting expedition for the forges of his homeland, the band of dwarves he traveled was attacked by a horde of goblins. The loan survivor of the attack, after butchering his way through the horde with his trusty axe, Tiananmen decided a life of adventure was for him.

After many stints as a caravan guard, bounty hunter and sailor his wandering has come to an end finding himself in the lands of Elgardt his new home, where he hopes to put his axe to work.

Characteristics Edit

Tianamen is often happy, though a privateer he works with a shield. It is worth noting that he wears an eyepatch over his left eye too protect his night vision and will joke that it's blind, yet he often removes it.