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The Sword and Coin are a heartless and brutal Guild of mercenaries that will fight for any anyone willing to pay. Members of the sword and coin will fight anyone for their employer even other members of the guild. All members of the guild follow a set of guidelines to maintain the honor of the guild. They are mercenaries and are expected to act as such but be warned every mercenary has their own background and motives.

History Edit

The guild was founded when a group of mercenaries were sitting in a tavern to discuss how each of them were ripped off by their employers. Amongst these discussions a small voice cut through the others and said “If we work together and chase down our employers we can recover everything owed to us.” This eventually became the first rule of the mercenary guild.

The Code of Honor Edit

  1. If an employer doesn’t pay they will be hunted down by the guild and no more services will be rendered until all debts are paid.
  2. A guild member will never take payment to go against the guild as an entity.
  3. A guild member must fight if contracted to this includes against other guild members.
  4. A guild member can be bought even under a current contract but the price must be higher than that in the current contract.
  5. If ‘rehired’ the old contract is then void and the client will be paid back in full.
  6. A guild member will not harm, steal or harass a client unless paid the required amount to do so.
  7. This voids the current contract and funds must be returned before any harm can be done.
  8. If murder, theft or other particulars are needed this must be stated before making a contract as not all mercenaries are qualified to do so.

Current known members Edit