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The Rangers of Rhobis are an honourable order, that operate out of the wooden fort-town of Rhobis. They wander far and wide, boasting master archers and skilled swordsmen, hunting those wicked things which menace the peoples of Elgardt.

History Edit

In recent months, the rangers have deemed it necessary to take their mission further north. In the mouth of Hamaglen Pass, they hope to bring their noble style of justice to the lawless and bloodstained region.

Purpose in Elgardt Edit

One would assume their purpose is to protect the weak and preserve the wilds.

Members Edit

Ranger Richard - Master Archer & Leader of the Rangers. Alexis Silver - Human Witch and Archer
Sir Doogs - Human Ranger Leaf

 - Beast blooded "druid/herbalist"

Treo Deiridh - Human Ranger