The Norsemen clan come from a seperate LARP group in the north called Ragnarok. These burly warriors are led by Jarl Bjǫrn, it is worth noting that though their intention in Elgardt is to pillage and raid they stood by the Elgartians during the first invasion by the Crimson Company.

History Edit

The Norsemen first landed in Elgardt some many months ago and as since they have followed their jarl with absolute devotion, in the beginning they began with small raiding parties but slowly adapted to bringing larger forces with more experienced warriors. In the events of clan feuds and battles the norse were no stranger to the battlefield and fought as mercenaries for opposing sides. Since their arrival the Jarl Bjǫrn has made a strong connection with Hendel The Hammer of Wruenbane.

Within recent months an invitation for a great feast was sent to Wruenbane and few key figures from Elgardt, arriving peacefully in newly crafted Elgardtian longships the guests from Elgardt met with their nordic neighbours. During a long and hearty feast, many guests were killed and gravely wounded by a shrouded assassin namely the mysterious rogue and Hendel. It was later revealed to a small group of warriors that the norsemen Erik was going to take over as Jarl, these warriors agreed to aid him in his struggle. After several hours members continued to be found dead face ground in the dirt, Jarl Bjǫrn began to look suspicious due to his conversations with multiple sketchy characters. When the night was over it was revealed that the Maw had possessed the Jarl and through him the Maw had caused a rift in the allegiance between the frozen north of Ragnarok and the southern continent of Elgardt.

Purpose in Elgardt Edit


The Norsemen are not the typical nordic vikings, amongst their warriors are members of the holy order, knights of the realm, self claimed pirates, nordic warriors, and many other odd inhabitants from many locations around the world. The Norsemen tend to fight with honour, but will not uphold the law... Without the knowledge of how long the Maw had infected Jarl Bjǫrn it is possible that the Norsemen's intentions are not only that of raiding.

Members Edit

Jarl Bjǫrn - Viking warrior & leader of the nosemen Erik - Norse warrior & possibly the next jarl
Sir Jeffros Debertwessel - Knight of the Sword Mykca Wessler - Pirate
Justice Holloway - Paladin of the Holy Order Speritus - Centurion