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The Maw is both a character and a faction of true evil.

Backstory Edit

Standing on the hill, watching the setting sun slowly advance their shadows over the landscape below, The hooded figure allowed himself a snort of amusement at the irony of the image. Much like their shadows were seeping into the lands of Elgardt, So too were their infiltrators leaching into the lands below. Each of the factions, so proud of their might, so willing to fight and kill, had been "infected", key members turned or replaced. The Orc, Grimbad, had unwittingly provided the perfect opportunity with his rebellion, and it was not one that they were going to miss. With a wave of his hand, and a mental push, The Necromancer sent his minions forward, down towards the unsuspecting lands below. The Maw hungered, and he would see to it personally that it was WELL fed....with the souls of the Clans of Elgardt!

Characteristics Edit

The Maw controls an unknown amount of members in Elgardt. After the events in the frozen north it is speculated that it may have been behind the death of Karak Silverbeard.