The Knights of Lukas are an order of men sworn with protecting the lands of Elgardt. Each member is a descendant of the men, simple towns folk and farmers, who aided Lukas in retrieving the Shard (change) and then followed him into one of the biggest wars this land has ever seen. Fighting along side Lukas some even gave their lives to protect the world from the darkness. The descendants of these brave men now work in the shadows or (if needed in plain view) so that’s the light stays shining bright within the realm preventing the darkness from ever again Growing that vast, that powerful. They defend the week and innocents from unjust persecution. They’re highest responsibility within the order is to keep the light safe in plain view for all to see.

“Protect the week and Innocent,
Heal the sick and Injured.
Safeguard those who are helpless,
Show courage & goodness
to those who have seen non.
Honor the allies you forge in life.
Keep the light burning bright.”