As the name Clans of Elgardt suggests, the game is populated by several minor and major factions (usually called clans). There is great variety from clan to clan: noble rangers, blood thirsty cultists, mysterious knights, and world worn barbarians. Players are encouraged to either join a clan or create their own, as Elgardt can be quite dangerous, and it is deemed wise to have companions at your back.

Clans: Edit

- The Chain Breakers

- The Rangers of Rhobis

- The White Tear

- The Murder Elves

- The Elguardians

- The sword and coin

- The Wolves

- Vreemd

- The Wanderers of Elkhòren

- Knights of Discord

- The Knights of Lukas

Foreign Factions Edit

- Norsemen of Ragnarok

- The Crimson Company of the Hundred Swords

-The Wanderers

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