As the name Clans of Elgardt suggests, the game is populated by several minor and major factions (usually called clans). There is great variety from clan to clan: noble rangers, blood thirsty cultists, mysterious knights, and world worn barbarians. Players are encouraged to either join a clan or create their own, as Elgardt can be quite dangerous, and it is deemed wise to have companions at your back


While it is the Clans of Elgardt who dominate the landscape of the world, their feudal conflicts are presided over by a broader rule of law, a law that rules with both might and magic; the Dragon Throne.

The Dragon throne represents the rule of absolute law in all of Elgart.

The name itself refers to not one seat of power but instead a vast court; a society of exclusively dragon kin nobility, from whose ranks the most important offices in all Elgardt are filled

-The dragon of the north: Helios Throne

-The dragon of the south: Elissa Embers

-The dragon of the east: Enora Igneous

-The dragon of the west: Tallos Infernus

-And presiding over goings on in all Elgardt from the seat of power in the capitol is the Grand Dragon: Tolvec Everburn

The structure of the Dragon Throne has provided a frame work of relative stability for 800 years, beneath which ancient multi racial nobles and clan chiefs of Elgardt do battle among themselves for land and title. These lesser conflicts are overlooked by the dragon throne on two conditions":

1: 20% of all produce generated by each nation is tithed annually to the Dragon Throne.

2: No one lord shall be allowed to hold territories greater than one third of the jurisdiction of their Dragon nor hold territories beyond the boarders of the jurisdiction of their dragon.

Clans: Edit

- The Chain Breakers

- The Rangers of Rhobis

- The White Tear

- The Murder Elves

- The Elguardians

- The sword and coin

- The Wolves

- Vreemd

- The Wanderers of Elkhòren

- Knights of Discord

- The Knights of Lukas

Foreign Factions Edit

- Norsemen of Ragnarok

- The Crimson Company of the Hundred Swords

-The Wanderers