The Chain Breakers clan was formed by the self-liberated orc Grimbad Gorechild. They are a close knit warband of raiders, whose ranks are filled with Orcs, Trolls, and yet other neglected races/characters. Despite their ramshackle, and downtrodden appearance, they can be wickedly dangerous. Like a starved wolf, cornered by hunters.

It is widely assumed that The Chainbreakers are "just another pack of monstrous brutes," wildly scouring the countryside, raping and pillaging as they go. Yet there are some who have gone so far as to hire the warband's services, and they attest that perhaps there is value in fighting alongside the savages. Who better to guard a caravan, for example, than those who have experience raiding them?

In summary, only a "Breaker" really knows what The Chainbreakers are like.

History Edit

Though a relatively new faction (and seemingly unaware of their own importance) The Chainbreakers have already come under fire from various cults and rivals. They have been blamed for murder, accused of selling slaves, tricked into attacking prominent local figures (not to mention the various bounties placed upon individual members of the group), and the list goes on. Some of these events are true, others not so much. Regardless, The Chainbreakers now face a time of enmity and uncertainty.

Where do they fit within Elgardt? Who are their enemies? What is the next step? Only they can decide.

Purpose in Elgardt Edit

The Chainbreakers are fighting for survival and respect, no matter the odds. It could be said that their purpose is to gain as much as they can, whether that be wealth, land, revenge... and then hold it against all challengers. This is a warband whose members have been crushed into the dirt their whole lives...

And they are tired of the muddy taste!

Their motley collection of motives and personalities makes them surprisingly difficult to predict, an effect no doubt purposefully employed by the warchief. This can lead them to be chaotic, even fractious, but at the end of the day, a Breaker will fight "tooth and nail" to defend a fellow Breaker. They are family.

"Earn Your Keep! Strength And Cunning! Never Kneel!" - Chainbreaker Motto

Members Edit

Grimbad Gorechild - Orc Warchief (current leader) Melkor - Dark Elf & Beast Blooded Sorcerer (MIA)
Deadgirl - Undead Assassin Zorg - Orc Warrior

 - Half Orc Cook & Defender

Paleskull - Orc Shaman
Mountain - Troll Brute Dirge - Abyssal Outcast
Gray - Half Elf Healer Doukeshi - Orc Ronin
Hu Man - Human Thief (Deceased. Dinner) Blaarg - Orc Alchemist