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The Blind Hound is a paladin from the distant lands of Sarradar.

Backstory Edit

In the Five Realms of Sarradar...

Dreuss stared blindly out across the seas from the window of his meditation room & let his mind soar to Elgardt. The orcs were armed. The humans were readying themselves. Mystics, elves, dwarves & all those who dwelt in the land to west were on the move.

The time for war was nigh...

Dreuss shuffled uncomfortably. For although it was not written in stone; the Gods whispered that the victors of this coming battle may be the new order that would unite the rag tag teams of Elgardt into a nation - a nation that may eventually turn their hungry eyes to his Five Realms. He could not let that happen! He had to remind them what could happen if they dared!

But although the Hounds would let Dreuss go alone, they would not allow him to take a force with him on a whim. & were he to use a ship from the Hounds, word would surely reach these Elgardtians that an intruder was coming. Growling, the blind Hound turned away from the window & made for the door. He had to seek out his paramour. She had contacts within the docks. With her assistance, Dreuss could stow away on a merchant ship & - if the Gods were kind - would arrive on the ports of the western lands in seven days. There he could purchase a horse & ride to Elgardt. His swords Genesis & Tempest would have to stay in Sarradar. But his double-bladed staff, Midnight, was secured safely nearby Elgardt. With it, Dreuss could cause enough havoc &, if the Gods were good, he could find a temporary blade to use. The Blind Hound reached the door, but stopped as another thought hit him. How was he going to do this?... As powerful as he was, Dreuss knew he could not do this alone - & clenched his teeth as the realisation of that which he had to do to succeed dawned upon him. He would have to make an alliance... But with who?

The White Tear was the obvious choice, but could he risk them eventually facing Sarradar? The humans had clans, as did the dwarves & elves... All suitable, but still risky...& then there were these Chain Breakers... The clan made of Orcs, dark elves & other seemingly refuse of Elgardt. Dreuss sighed heavily & left to find his paramour. It seemed that this alliance would have to be made at the very last moment on the battlefield... Unless the Gods intervened.

Characteristics Edit

He is notably blind and wields a large double bladed staff. He is loosely a lawful character.