If some turns are confusing always feel free to ask for help or refer to the glossary of terms. 

Understandably there are a few differences between the rules on War game days and on Roleplay game days. For each Style's specific rules please use the following links.

War Rules  Roleplay Rules

A copy of all up to date Rules can be found on the Facebook page under Files.

General Battle RulesEdit

  1. Do not aim for the head or groin. 
  2. If someone has been found to purposely aiming for the head or neck they will be asked to leave the field.
  3. Pommel Strikes and body contact is prohibited. 
  4. Excessive force is not permitted as we are not really trying to hurt each other and people of all health levels should be able to play. 
  5. Do not grab an opponent's weapon or shield with your hands, and only pick up another player's equipment with permission.
  6. If a marshal or spectator says that you were tagged you must take the hit.
  7. If all hp is lost and you are defeated please drop to the ground or kneel/sit to show you have been knocked out of battle. If you are in a high traffic area you may move to another area without interfering with the battle. 
  8. Shield bashing, or attacking with your shield is not allowed. 
  9. For safety do not try to deflect an arrow with a weapon, you may dodge or use a shield to block. Thrown weapons and spell markers can be deflected but some spell markers may still take effect. 
  10. If a weapon does not have a declared safe tip it can not be used for thrusting. 
  11. Thrown weapons can be used in melee battle.
  12. Bows may have a maximum draw weight of 28lbs at 71cm.
  13. Bows can not be used for blocking, parrying or tagging.
  14. You may only have 1 spell marker in a hand at any time. 
  15. Calls of Hold must be followed and combat can not resume till a call of Lay On.

Hold and Lay OnEdit

  1. When you hear “HOLD” if it’s safe, stop what you’re doing immediately and shout “HOLD”.
  2. “HOLD” may be called out by any combatant or spectator for any safety concern reasons.
  3. “HOLD” may be called if equipment such as arrows are in danger of being stepped on.
  4. Try to avoid confusing sentences like “Hold the line!” as this can cause accidental safety calls.
  5. When you hear “LAY ON” you may start or resume combat engagements.
  6. ”LAY ON” may only be called by an admin or marshal after a “HOLD” call has been resolved.

Weapon and Armour RulesEdit

  1. Arrows must be IDV brand and if they are made at home they will be deemed unsafe unless identical. 
  2. Thrown weapons must be coreless. Foam and tape are allowed in their construction.
  3. Armour and shield must not have sharp edges and shields must be adequately padded.
  4. Weapons must be inspected by an authorised personnel and home-made weapons will be categorised on a case by case basis. 
  5. Modified pre-built weapons are qualified as home-made. 
  6. Spell markers must be checked and declared safe by an admin or marshal. 
  7. Functionality of a weapon is determined by it's appearance. Example; a hit can not be made with the false side of a blade and a spear with only a tip can only be used to thrust not hit.