Reagents are commonly used in blacksmithing, alchemy and enchanting in item creation . Reagents can be sold or looted from other people. 

Hamaglen ReagentsEdit

The following reagents can be found growing, swimming, wandering and laying around Hamaglen

Name Description Worth Type
Chicken Slippery feathers, sharp beaks and claws. These clucking nightmares can sometimes be harder to catch then they are worth. If you find a talking one you may be able to scare some Orcs though. Animal
Pig Great for getting bacon for your morning breakfast, or lunch.. or dinner. Also cheap to feed as they will eat anything. Rotten vegetables, garbage or even that corpse you need to get rid of. Animal
Cow These large walking milk bottles are surprising light on their feet. Also don't be tricked into thinking you might be able to tip them, they never forget a face. Animal
Deer Spry, bouncy and a great source for making spell books. Though kill one though and you will always be seen as the being who killed the beloved children tale's character Bambee. Animal
Golden root Not worth as much as its name suggests, sometimes useful in a stew if you come down with a cold. Plant
Foxtail grass Not actually made of fox's tails. Do not try planting a fox's tail. It most likely will try and get revenge. Plant
Black Moss Beef for vegetarians. Plant
Mandrake Root Why won't it stop screaming! Plant

Outdated Reagents Edit

Name Description Price Type
Sea Bird Gong High in phosphorous, dried bird dung is a potent catalyst for the production of flame. 25g Animal
Queen Bee

The matriarch of a hive – bees possess a natural “hive mind”, and seem able to communicate via a mild telepathy. By harnessing this ability, Alchemists are able to broadcast their effects over a wide area.

85g Animal
Lugnic Skin This frogs vibrant colours make it easy prey, but nothing ever eats more than one. 75g Animal
Griffin Feather

If retrieved after it falls naturally, rather than being plucked – part of the latent magical energy that occurs naturally in creatures such as the majestic Griffin can be trapped in these leavings, and can be transferred easily to increase the potency of potions.

120g Animal
Dragon Blood

Potent in its latent Arcane energy, consuming the blood of dragons is believed to increase magical potential, and allows one to see beyond the physical realm.

150g Animal
Leather Boiled and treated strips of animal hide. Leather is used in many Blacksmithing applications. 55g Animal
Blue Scale

Taken from the armoured back of a Wyrm, this item is highly expensive due to its difficulty to obtain, and is one of the harder substances known to man.

175g Animal
Wight Night  A pale, grave moss that grows over the burial mounds of creatures who rise to un-death. 110g Plant

A rare and beautiful flower that only grows in areas of high Arcane radiation, and only opens its flower to absorb the light of the new moon.

75g Plant
Mudd-Cupp An hallucinogenic and highly poisonous fungus. 55g Plant
Holroot Sap Highly absorbent, and sticks to most anything. Often laced with chemicals and painted on a surface. 70g Plant
Harpy's Claw

The secretions of this flowers stamen are a powerful epidermal dilator, opening the pores of your skin and allowing the fast transmission of chemicals by simple touch.

80g Plant
Haze of Winter  A pleasant smelling, sweet flavoured flower. Well documented in the treatment of diseases. 25g Plant

A leaf, common of trees in Elven woods. It has natural healing properties, and is used in many balms and

potions for the treatment of wounds

25g Plant

Named for the pleasant warm sensation it causes, this insidious chemical seems to convince the body that everything is under control, there is no pain, & no immune response is required.

80g Plant
Eldarberry Favoured of the Elves for the making of wine, this berry is a catalysing agent, which serves primarily to aid in the absorption of other ingested ingredients. 25g Plant
Silver Ore A lump of Silver, straight from the deep, Dwarven mines. 150g Blacksmith Material
Quality Metal Not just your average steel. Refined, treated and blended to be lightweight and durable. 150g Blacksmith Material
Anvilus' Tears Chemical compound used in blacksmithing to generate higher temperatures from a fire 135g Blacksmith Material