With Maelanon's blessing may your puppets go forth and do your bidding.


The character may place a hand on an Out of Action character and chant for 5 seconds. This turns the Out of Action character into a Zombie Minion.

Zombie Minions have their normal full HP are Undead and therefore immune to Fear. Zombie Minions have no other abilities.

The minions must obey any 1-3 word command given by the caster (protect me, attack that elf, etc), and must await new orders upon completion of their given task. They must remain within sight of their master at ALL times. They cannot speak, and cannot be healed by any means (Healing spells cast on them instantly put minions Out-Of-Action). This spell may be cast no more than SPIRIT times in each encounter. At the end of the combat encounter all surviving minions go Out-Of-Action.