"They're paying me more, so..."

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Rae is not aligned with any particular faction, but is he has a strong bond with multiple other mercenary characters. Together they would form a formidable mercenary company.

Backstory Edit

If you were to describe Rae in a word it would be dangerous, because he cares about what happens to people. He isn't like horrifyingly nasty men that run from their companions. He is a horrifyingly nice man that sticks by his companions. Rae's greatest flaw is loyalty and his love of the color blue.

Rae grew up in the village of Kess, which was accustomed to having their men conscripted into a nearby kingdom; Rae was just one of those men. At first the prospect of fighting ‘the bad guys’ seemed honourable and even enjoyable to the young soldier, however peace was the quickest way to bore a fighter. Very soon Rae decided that a soldier’s life was not cut out for him and was overcome with wanderlust; he wanted to travel the lands in search of adventure, honour and fun. He was of course uncertain about leaving his mother and father alone, but considered the fact that with his amazingly good looks and unquestionable humour he could easily acquire a decent amount of treasure to give them whatever they wanted.

Rae was however incredibly aware of his failings, he knew that he was often: throwing himself in the fray, being held responsible for coincidental losses of money, being egotistical, indecisive and loyal. Other than that, Rae was just an ordinary person with an ordinary passion for stabbing people. Rae also hated the color blue.

Characteristics Edit

Rae is quick to abandon his allies when the going gets tough, except when there is money involved. Often leaving behind his friends and allies in combat to die his loyalty is, questionable at best.

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