Flames are Ornhilde's past, as well as her future.

Backstory Edit

To hear it told, Ornhilde comes from a long line of proud dragon-blooded. The horned woman is from Scogir, or so she says. A place even further north than the Biterwold. If asked about her hometown, the woman's gaze turns distant.

Scogir had been many things. Home. Welcoming. Safe. Secret. But it is none of these any longer.

Scogir had been a truly magical place, but now it is ash. Only she and one other survived the destruction, a fellow known as Yuveth. While she is quiet on what caused the great fire, Hilde is extremely vocal about what saved her. Her ancestors. The power of her bloodline - Dragons, created through the mysteries of the the Nameless Moon God.

The woman and her companion traveled to the Biterwold, and was a scourge to the shores of Elgardt for several years... until one night she received a vision.

A peaceful city. A city with deep mysteries and secrets just begging for her to uncover.


A place she could call home.

In flames.

Characteristics Edit

Sepentis+Hilde by Sarah Szymczak

Pragmatic. Loyal to her friends. Brutally honest. Somewhat quick tempered. Intensely proud. Never declines a fight. Has a weakness for riches, magical artifacts, and pretty women. Thinks all other races are weak and need her protection.