Depending on the skills already owned and whether you are a new or old player how you update your character sheet can differ.

New Character Creation Edit

  1. New Characters can choose their talents in game or as soon as they wish. Once chosen a talent can only be removed by changing it for another via retraining at a cost of 200xp.
  2. For each game they attend they can choose another skill, slowly growing their skill list
  3. They stop when the number of skills is equal to Sprit x2
  4. The prestige ability “Higher Learning” automatically increases the skill limit to Spirit x4 and the character gains all their outstanding skills if they haven’t already got them all.

Existing Characters Edit

  1. Check the list below to see if you currently have a skill that requires a prerequisite
  2. If you do have a skill that needs a prerequisite then that skill is automatically selected for you and does count toward your skill limit of Spirit x2
  3. If you have any remaining skills to choose you may choose them now.
  4. If you would like to wait and choose skills as they come up in play you may do so, but only at the rate of 1 per game.

Replaced Old Skills Edit

Old Skill New Skill Notes
Diplomacy Hypnotically Persuasive A Synergy skill that needs Public Speaking and either Deceit or Etiquette
Metallurgy Blacksmithing The fabrication ability of Metallurgy is now Blacksmithing while a different reagent finding based skill is called Metallurgy.
Merchant Haggle Merchant has been made a skill category and Haggle contains the abilities closest to the previous Merchant .
Entertainer Sing, Instrument, and Storytelling Entertainer has been made a skill category with various entertainment type skills and a more effective synergy bonus skill.

Skill Prerequisites Edit

Skill Prerequisite
Alchemy Herb Lore
Scribe Scroll Read Magic
Enchanting Metallurgy
Pick Pockets Sleight of Hand
Escape Artist Pick Locks
Evaluate Mathematics
Identify Evaluate and Mathmatics
Animal Husbandry Handle Animal
Ritual Casting A Skill from either Arcane, Scholastic or Knowledge Skills
Strongman Body 3 or higher