Backstory Edit

Nomad is a wanderer from a distant land with little currently known about him. When he is asked about his past the same answer is always given, "I am a traveler from far off lands, that is all you need to know". He has found since arriving in Elgardt a knack for following information particularly when it comes with a reward, in recent encounters with Asmodius this had been noticed and he was offered a position among the mercenaries of the Sword and Coin. Being a man of the sword looking for coin he agreed, this has allowed him to continue to travel with many different groups, but now hes paid to do so.

Characteristics Edit

He has a friendly demeanor but his dark clothes and impressive sword by his side say otherwise. He is often found traveling with any assortment of companions; from orcs to elves, from undead to even those of feline features.