" You don't know magic without having truly experienced the brilliance of it's immersion, it tickles like a kitten& stings like a thousand parchment cuts, the stars for which they float speak to me, singning me their lullaby', would you like to join me in this journey?"   ===== Edit

Melkor is a Dark Elf with Wolf-Shifter heritage... and a known lunatic. The first sworn member of the Chainbreakers, Melkor is a long time companion and advisor to Grimbad, despite his bouts of insane rambling. He is also a powerful sorcerer, his powers bolstered through service to The Night Mother, Maelanon.

History Edit

Not much is known about Melkor, not even his fellow clan members know much about his past, that which he does divulge, are almost incessant ramblings of a madman that has difficulty in finding cohesion in his expression. Only Grimbad knows enough about his past& what had led him to that fateful night of meeting Grimbad& becoming the first sworn member of The Chainbreakers. Unlike like your usual Dark Elves, Melkor is rather jovial, quite spry& makes jokes more often than not. When he finds moments of lucidity, he returns to his dry, humourless& cruel Dark Elf state. Of which these states come about usually out of necessity when his council is needed in crucial times, but these lucid states rarely last long enough for him to finish what he needs to say. All that is known about his family is that he still my have his identical cousin Elkroos out there, although he is thought to be dead.
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