Origin Edit

Created by an unlikely partnership, after a resurgence of negative mystical energy, the mages guild is a secret yet welcoming group - forged for the sole purpose of making magic stronger, faster, more reliable and more tangible in the world.

System Edit

Potential members must have a combined score of four or higher in mind and spirit to join. Potential members must prove themselves to enter one of the guild circles by displaying at least one of the spell type abilities such as destruction, freeze, fear, death or heal. Only the Mistresses of Magic can induct new members into the Guild. The guild is divided into three circles which represent magics trifecta;

1) steel.         2) copper.           3) silver.
There can only be two mages to a job and members can only engage one job at a time as membership is run through a Squire system, pairing members to gain advantage*. If equally ranked members join together, the job-initiator is the benefactor of the focus, regardless of the junior mages circle.(*advantage is re-tries on ritual casting or additional spell tokens).