"Lightning bolt!"

Lucien is still much a stranger to the people of Elgardt yet his loyalties lie with Wruenbane.

Backstory Edit

From a young age, Lucien was schooled in the arts of magic. He was raised in one of the majestic wizards towers from a land south of Elgardt, barely seeing the outside world while being schooled in the arcane arts.

As he grew, he was summoned to another land, to continue his instruction in the ways of magic.

When on his way, his carriage was stopped by bandits.

As they attempted to rob the carriage, Lucien charmed one of the bandits into sparing him and taking him to see their leader.

When he met the leader, he charmed him too. The leader then invited him to join their band, under his influence of course.

Life with the bandits led to many new experiences for Lucien. Living in the camp and robbing carriages along the road was such an exciting experience for him, he wanted more.

As the bandits continued to go through the same thing, moving camp every so often and robbing the same four roads, Lucien felt the call of adventure.

He charmed the leader once more to dismiss him with no harsh feelings and set off, entering the realm of Elgardt.

Here he seeks new prospects of discovery and adventure. He believes there is a magic that draws calls to him through nature and he wishes to unravel its mysteries and master its power himself.

Characteristics Edit

Lucien cares for is arcane arts above all, being a mage his life is seclusive and yet he has an affiliation with Hendel Hammerfist...

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