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All maps and location information and lore is either written or derived from the work of Nathan Hodge.

Lore Edit

by Nathan Hodge Edit

Chapter 1

The First Age

Chapter 2

The Second Age

Chapter 3

"The Shadow Falls"

Chapter 4

The Third Age

Lore and Magic

Magic & Necromancy



Player Generated Story

Land Edit

The universe is made of 4 different realms and the Star Path.

There is:

  • Agmenar, the realm of the gods and those who have passed on to better things,

  • Odennar, realm for lesser celestial beings and the servants of the gods,

  • The Star Path, which beings walk upon their deaths to either make it into Agmenar or fall down into Shadow Realm,

  • Shadow Realm, land of lost souls under the control of Maelanon,

  • And Elgardt, the physical realm in which beings thrive within.

    The known areas of Elgardt covers a large continent and is made up of many different cities, towns and regions, all vying for their own plans and whims. From the freezing north, to the dry south west, and the mountainous peaks splitting the realm in two, it is covered with a number of locations of interest.

Dalmain Elkhòren
Dragon isles region
Shifting sands region
Aramouth Kharmen

Hamaglen Locations Edit

Fort Hamaglen Abandoned Fortress
Sentinel Hill Pipers Rest
Gyle's Farm
Near By Hamaglen
Amoretti's Trove The Mace Isles of Kaali Shrine to Alphamus The Pit of Ghaz'dan
Kaarth Rhobis Dragon's Drink
East Gate The Elder Stones