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Lord Vane rules from Hamaglen Watch on behalf of the common folk who call the lands south of Hamaglen Pass home. He can be kind and giving to those who serve him well, just don't get on his bad side; Vane is thought (rightly) to be one of the best fighters in Elgardt. 


Vane was born a gifted fighter, hunter, and tactician. His skills were honed, unbelievable as it may seem, from lessons jokingly offered to him by mercenaries and soldiers passing through his hometown. By age 6, he could wield a blade near as well as a veteran swordsman... though he did not yet own one.

At age 9, Vane and his peasant family were suffering from financial crisis. The noble lord of his birthland ordered Vane's father be taken and held captive until their tax debt was collected. When their debt was paid off, his father was returned dead. Out of frustration, Vane snuck into the noble's fort and shot an arrow from his hunting bow.

The vane of the arrow slipped past the guards and slid across the noble's eyes, taking his vision away. Vane fled and hid in a barrel for two days. After eavesdropping on a conversation inside the barrel, he realized he was now somewhat famous. Rumours were being spread of a daring assassin, called "Vane." Not only that... the hated noble had taken his own life.

Fearing for his mother's safety, as well as his own, Vane left his old home. He traveled far and wide, fighting his way through numerous adventures, until finally coming to the lowlands of Hamaglen... There he was beseeched by the folk of the outlying villages to serve as their Steward, to protect them from harm and to act as their representative to the Arcane Universities of the north.

His natural gift for dealing death has earned him a fearsome reputation, and it is this reputation that he now uses to maintain a semblance of order.

Character Notes:

Vane was never the same after the death of his father. Some say he obtained a split personality, one being happy and joyful; the other dark and twisted. Depending on his mood, Vane will either be talkative and graceful or silent and violent. The truth or fiction of these rumors is known only to his closest friends... or enemies.