Current Status:

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Leaf is a member of the elite kings guard, he is also a part of the ranger clan, and has a loose alliance to several other factions including the Vreemd.

Known History:

Leaf has travelled a great distance from far off lands. He speaks with a slightly odd accent and doesn't quite seem to understand the intricacies of social etiquette or courtly intrigue. Some say that he is on the run from some dark event in his past, with suggestions that he might be a criminal or deserter from his homeland, other rumours state that he might some kind of knight errant or noble in hiding. Recently, he was involved in a failed coup attempt, but made amends with the king and his guard (offering his services as a healer and herbalist to the king's guard). Since the fall of the Steward, Leaf has taken back to the wilds, it is said that he may be gathering vast quantities of herbs for some unknown mystic ritual, or perhaps as ingredients for alchemical experimentation.

Character Notes:

Fox shield

Leaf is a Fox shifter who spends much of his time traversing the wilderness and rediscovering ancient paths across the realm, and much of the rest in the service of the kings guard. He has made in known in a number of taverns and marketplaces across the land that his services as a herbalist and alchemist are available to any who might be willing to make a small contribution.