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Current status: Keladry is currently hidden deep in the forest, trying to fight her demons. She will not come back to Elgardt for some time.

Player: Nicola Rammers

Backstory Edit

Many of those in Elgardt have heard stories of Keladry; how once she was a great and gentle Queen, how her people burned in their forest home, of her determination and her fear of fire.

However few know the true story - that Keladry is burned so deeply that something within her is broken. Fighting now for the pleasure of it, rather than to strive for freedom, she is driven by dark voices and kills and steals to survive. The friends she makes are few, and although Hendel tried to gentle her in Wruenbane, she found she could not bear the thought of living in a stone nest, surrounded by humans and chattering folk.

If she swears friendship with you then she will die for you. But be careful, she has been burnt before...

Characteristics Edit

Red streaks in her hair and a black outfit. She carries two ancient elven swords, although rumour has it she is good with a bow.