Dressed in the feathers of the crow, and carrying two swords, this young half-elf has been raised in the Murder Elf philisophies, and often uses them to justify deep individualism.

Kayvaan Shrike

During the recent philosphical schisms which rocked the Muradi'el, he followed those who believed that Murder was an Art, not just Slaughter, quoting a fragment of the phophecies of the White Wyrm which ambiguously translates as Murder requires intent and execution. He has, on occasion, refused to take Assassination bounties, using the justification that that such contracts separated Intent from the Execution, showing at least a glimmer of a moral code.

Recently, he was discovered to be an heir of Elswain, the child of the star, and triggered a prophecy involving leading armies of the Shadow King against Alphamus' kin. Knowing his fate was sealed, he went, reluctantly but willingly to the location named in the prophecy, and chose to sacrifice himself.

It has yet to be seen what the outcome of such actions will come to, and how much control he retains over his own fate.

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