Originally constructed as an advanced outlook against further incursions from the Ho'oradin people, this small hill-top village has since become a hub of trade between the Desert Folk, the Moorland Orcs, and a stopover point for the Rangers of Rhobis. Though there is little love lost, and less trust held between the people of the Desert, and the Northerners of Elkhòren – they have been largely able to put the bad blood behind them and take the opportunity to profit from one another.

An elegant location, it is also a common meeting place for Rangers and Mercenary bands. Certain enterprising traders know this, and will often set up shop, hoping to make some coin from the travelling warriors, whilst avoiding intervention from nearby Fort Hamaglen. It is an easily defendable spot due to it's winding entrance and isolated location, making it even more perfect for military-minded factions. 

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Wruenbane's members buried their recently fallen leader atop the hill and have taken to calling it Karak's Rest. Sentinel Hill is just east of Fortress Wruenbane. At the peak an npc tent is located for quests. It is also a starting area.

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