"He appeared as is from a mist, unassuming and quiet, strode through the valley without a word between the piled dead, none knew his origin but there was a sense of fear resounding around this hooded stranger. He knealt down and placed a palm on a man's head and to my surprise the man lived. I kept my distance and left before i drew his attentions."

Petyr Drake
wandering scholar after the battle of Red Valley

Janus is an Enigma. He is a support character who walks the line between life and death as if he was never meant to exhist in the first place. he leans toward a positive alignment and would be considered "chaotic good" in most cases, his goal is to find his place in this world for better or worse. he has no aspirations for power or wealth but more toward self discovery.

Presumed to be associated with The White Tear