Hu Man was a member of the Chain Breakers warband. A corrupted duel weilding rougue. A thief whoes lust for gold was only weighed by his lust for power.


Backstory Edit

Hu Man never knew his human birth parents. What he does know is that they were attacked and killed by the very orcs who raised him. Hu Man, just a baby at the time, was spared in the attack and was taken to the warchief Gazkhull as a snack. Gazkhull, for whatever reason, decided against eating the human baby and decided to raise him as a son.

Growing up, Hu Man was never accepted by any of his orc bretheren. Only the fear of his orc father stopped the tribe from killing him. He was taught the ways of the orcs. Taught to fight and to kill. To cheat and to steal. "No honour amongst orcs" his father would say.

A power struggle within the tribe lead to the death of his orc father, and without his protection Hu Man was forced to flee, to run for his life. This is how he ended up in Elgardt. A loner, an outcast. A perfect fit for the Chain Breakers who took him in.

"The face of a human but the heart of orc" said Grimbad proudly as he introduced Hu Man to the clan. Grim had great plans and hopes for Hu Man. Zorg, the great warrior of Hu Man's childhood tales stood before. He merely grunted, Zorg had still not forgiven the humans for what they had done to him.

After a time, Hu Man's orcish urges for violence and power would lead to his demise. He had decided to take over the Chain Breakers and enlisted the help of an orc called Doukeshi. Doukeshi, as it turns out, hates all humans and sold Hu Man out to Grimbad. Enraged by Hu Man's betrayal, Zorg attacked and killed him with a single blow of his mighty mace.

The Chain Breakers ate well that night.