Whether they be far or near you are there to help your friends through.


You may carry up to your Spirit in White Spell Balls. These markers may be handed to a player with a call of “Heal” to restore them to full health. Once “Healed”, the player should throw the marker to the ground, removing it from play. Healing Markers may the thrown to a player from a distance along with the call of “Heal”, and if a player catches the marker, they gain the benefit of the healing spell as normal. If the Marker is not caught, and hits the ground, the spell is wasted. Holy Light may be used to revive “Defeated” players during combat, but to do so requires handing the marker to them – you cannot throw a marker to a “defeated” player to revive them. Healers cannot heal themselves.


If an opposing player catches a thrown Healing Marker, they gain the benefit of the Healing Spell.

Healing Spell Markers cause 1 Damage if thrown at a “Minion” of the “Raise Dead” spell.

If you hit someone in the head with the ball you suffer blow back damage.