Within the realm of Elgardt there are various forms of trading to gain what you want. The most common of this is through gold and gems. 

N.B. In past editions of Elgardt's rules you spent gold as per experience. This is no longer the case. Today, you do not spend gold to advance your character's stats or to learn new abilities or weapon proficiencies.  

Hamaglen Gold Pieces Edit

Value= 25 GP

Hamaglen gold pirate style coins have their same value throughout the lands of Elgardt. There are also smaller metal coins that originate from the Dragon Throne in South Eastern Elgardt. The value of these coins may fluctuate slightly based on their occurrence but will typically trade for 25 GP.

Elven Coins Edit

Small = 10 GP Medium= 25 GP Large= 100 GP

Elven currency from Thelléndorir is also widely traded in various game zones.

Common Gems Edit

Value=300 GP

Common gems are highly valued and players with the Skill, Gem Cutting can exchange gems for 325 GP worth of gold coins. Occasionally and ancient treasure hoard will be unearthed and larger, rarer gems will come to light - fist sized diamonds, for example. The game value of these special gems (if applicable) will be determined by admins.