Word Meaning
All-Rounder Attribute layout with 2 Body, 2 Mind and 2 Spirit
Assault Attribute layout with 3 Body, 1 Mind and 2 Spirit
Attributes The Mind, Body and Spirit stats.
Body Determines a characters's HP, number of weapon feats and carry weight.


Word Meaning
Fire Support Attribute layout with 2 Body, 1 Mind and 3 Spirit
Glass Cannon Attribute layout with 1 Body, 2 Mind and 3 Spirit
Gold The monetary value used in Elgardt
HP Health Points. When HP reaches 0 the character 'dies'.
Hold A term cried to pause battle.
Home Tent Main base which is used for changing stats, load outs and often storing items.
Home made Weapon A weapon that was not commercially made or is commercially made and since been modified. 


Word Meaning
Lay On A term cried to end 'Hold' and resume battle.


Word Meaning
Melee A close range fighting style.
Mind The attribute determining the number of path abilities owned.
Path Abilities Skill and magic based abilities. 
Passport The small form containing the characters statistics and information.


Word Meaning
Racial Bonus A passive character trait that comes with the character's race.
Ranged A long distance fighting style.
Role-Playing Talent A skill or talent that is used only in roleplay and not using battle.
RPS Test A Rock Paper Scissors test to determined the outcome.
Secondary Load-Out A weapon that can be swapped with the primary weapon during battle.
Skirmisher Attribute layout with 3 Body, 2 Mind and 1 Spirit
Spell Marker A safely throwable ball that is coloured to represent a type of spell.
Spirit The attribute that determines the number of role-playing talents and spell markers that can be used per spell. 
Studious Attribute layout with 1 Body, 3 Mind and 2 Spirit
Tag A hit with a weapon on an opponent with an allowed weapon in the allowed zones.
Trained Attribute layout with 2 Body, 3 Mind and 1 Spirit


Word Meaning
Weapon Feat Weapon based skills.

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