Felwynn is a travelling paladin initiate, out to see the world and make a name for herself. Young, reckless and untested, what she lacks in martial prowess and experience, she makes up for in faith and optimism. Recently been inducted into the Luminous Order.


Felwynn is a foundling, raised in a monastery South of Aylet. She does not speak about it much.  


Recently come to the great city, Felwynn's eyes have been opened to the destructive nature of unchecked magic, and quickly came to attentions of Markum Vess after helping his caravan defeat a Stitch Beast. Quickly joining the Luminous Order, she has become an active and vocal supporter, recruiter and nuisance in Aylet.  


Her cloistered and religious upbringing has made her rather naive, especially towards other races. She however is quite knowledgeable in theoretical lore.  

Training amongst the Luminous Order seems to have improved her fighting rapidly.