"Interesting how the wildest ones are the most trustworthy. I'll be disappointed to find myself fighting the Chainbreakers."

Faolan (fwai-lawn) is an odd human to say the least. For one, he has no desire to kill to appease the bloodlust that dwells inside of every other human. In fact, one might go so far to say that he has the complete opposite; Faolan is a doctor of sorts. He believes that the use of his talent, which were bestowed upon him by his mentor, would be a far better contribution to society than any other. That's not to say he's opposed to earning money through his talent, Faolan likes money. Alot.

To save time, here's a list of what usually runs through Faolan's mind:

1. Will it break my word?

2. Will it help people (including me)?

3. Will it earn me gold?

I think I should have mentioned that Faolan's number one priority is his loyalty, because without loyalty there is no trust. And with no trust there is no work as a Mercenary Doctor, and with no work there isn't any GOLD! Oh and without work he can't help people, I guess that's kinda important too.

Perhaps this need to earn money and help people were inherited from his two parents, who happen to be live and kicking merchants from his home city, Elindore. Many events took place at this city, like the time where he stole various items from a chef's kitchen, or the time where he was kicked out of the city for stealing tens of jewels, worth thrice their weight in gold. Eventually, after being kicked out, he came upon a little fishing town just north of the Bay of St. Lukas, where he stayed for some time.

It was conveniently there that he also came to be acquainted with his mentor. A strange wanderer who took a liking to Faolan soon took him under his wing and swept him away across the lands, teaching him medical practices through the use of Magic and also Swordsmanship. It turns out that his mentor had studied the medical arts in an attempt to rid himself of a curse he received as a Man-At-Arms, but nearing his death he sought to transfer his life's work. After his death, Faolan roamed aimlessly until he came across his first companion which he hastily gave aid to and in return had a faithful Undead-Companion.

And that is where his tales really kicked off!