Doukeshi, also known as The Death Jester, is a member of the Chain Breakers warband. A corrupted rougue mage. Adept with sword in hand, knife in flight and magic. An assassin, a ronin. He is on a quest to regain his honour.


Backstory Edit

"Do you crave power or gold?" asked the silly Gaijin. Doukeshi considers all non orcs to be of a lesser breed but there was something "orcish" about this pale skinned fool. Intrigued he allowed the human to continue. "I can give you both! All I ask in return is a single kill. Have you heard of Grimbad?".

The human, whoes name turned out to be "Hu Man", had been taken in by a warband known as the Chain Breakers. As a human raised by orcs, he yearned to belong. Torn between the human world of his birth and the orcish world of his upbringing. Try as he might, he could not resist his orcish urges for violence and power. He had decided to take control of the Chain Breakers. To do this he would need Grimbad eliminated but could not do this himself without the group turning on him. This is where Doukeshi would enter the fray.

Unfortunately for Hu Man, once Doukeshi realized that Grimbad was an orc, the original plan was forgotten. Instead, he sold Hu Man out to Grimbad. Enraged by Hu Man's betrayal Zorg, without needing invitation or order from Grimbad, attacked and killed Hu Man with a single blow from his mighty Mace. "We eat well tonight my brothers and sisters!" pronounced Grimbad as Mog rushed in excitedly to butcher the fresh meat for the nights supper.

Grimbad, grateful for Doukeshi's service, asked if he would like to join their warband and Doukeshi gladly accepted. This is how Doukeshi came to make Elgardt his home.

Before arriving on the shores of Elgardt, Doukeshi was a proud samurai and part of the emperors guard. During a battle of "The Great Nihon War", his master was killed in action. He had failed in his duty. Denied the honour of Seppuku by his masters eldest son and now emporer, Doukeshi was exhiled. He wears the outfit of a jester as a constant reminder of his shame.

Everyday is another step on his quest to regain his honour.

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