You are a reaper and incarnate may all bow down and fear you.


Carry a single Black spell marker. This marker can be used as a destruction spell with a call of 'Damage' or 'Destruction'. To use as death it must be charged above the user's head while chanting 'Death' four or more times loudly and clearly. The spell is to be thrown on the final chant.  

A succesfully struck target loses all their HP.  

Death Spells can still be deflected, caught and absorbed, or re-thrown by a Mage with the “Deflect Magic” ability. “Death” cannot be blocked by shields or swords, unless the player has an ability that states otherwise. 

The caster can not be wearing Heavy Armour or using a Shield larger than a buckler.  


Celestial and Abyssal characters are immune to “Death”.

A strike to an opponent's head causes feedback damage.