Tis but a scratch.


You tag an opponents limb, and call “Cleave”. The tagged limb is considered “crippled” until the combat is over, or until an ally places a hand on the affected players shoulder and calls “First Aid”. Players affected by this ability may still walk, fight, and defend themselves, but must treat the affected limb as if it is injured and unusable– ie: fighting one handed if tagged in the arm, or dragging their leg at a walking pace if tagged in the leg. This ability deals NO DAMAGE and “providing first aid” takes 0 seconds or cast a healing effect upon you.

This ability may be attempted once per combat event, per opponent. If you attempt a "Cleave", and the subsequent attack is blocked or misses, the ability still counts as being used, and cannot be attempted on that player again in the same combat.

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Troll characters are unaffected by Cleave Limb.