The characters of Elgardt are quite diverse, it is hard to find two that are alike.

Races include humans, dwarves, shifters, dragonkin, elves, dark elves, orcs, trolls, undead, elementals, small folk, half breedcelestials, and abyssals

Below is a list of some of the current characters in Elgardt. Characters who have retired, or moved on to other lands, perhaps to return later can be found in People of Renown.  

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Human Characters Edit



Felwynn Aracanth

Dwarven Characters Edit

Dragonkin Characters Edit

Branan Mcleod

Ornhilde Drakisdottir


Shifter Characters Edit

Moon Moon

Vit Pantera

Eritrea Azgeda

Elven Characters Edit

Nia Satu

Dark Elven Characters Edit

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Orcish Characters Edit



Troll Characters Edit

Undead Characters Edit

Sithrak the Devourer

Elemental CharactersEdit

Small Folk Characters Edit

Half Breeds Characters Edit

Cassius Fitzgerald


Celestial/Abyssal Characters Edit