"Though a rarity, from time to time children are bred from both human and non-human stock. Half Elves are often lusted after due to their ethereal beauty, whilst Half Orcs are widely, some would say unfairly, reviled."

Racial BonusEdit

A Half-Elf or Half-Orc can only take the racial bonus of one of their cultural backgrounds, this has no influence on how the character looks. They may embrace the other side of their nature and swap the racial benefit by paying 200xp. Wandering the path between two worlds can be draining, thus each time they swap the cost increases by a futher 100xp. 


A Half-Elf or Half-Orc can gain dress, languages and fighting style from either sides of their cultural heritage. 


  • During play, half breeds may be affected by events and situations that target either OR both of their parent races.
  • Special admin permission is needed to create a character from two inhuman races.

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