“Divine servants, guiding their deity's flock directly, interfering where no god possibly could. Some were born of mortal stock; others chosen to tread the lands of Elgardt, clad in flesh. Regardless of origin, these beings are greatly empowered; protected in pursuit of their anointed tasks... for good or for evil alike”

Racial Bonus Edit

Immune to Death Spells

Languages Edit

Both races can read and speak Common. Celestials also know how to read and speak Ethereal, while Abyssals know Infernal.

Notes Edit

  • Celestials may never select Dark Path abilities
  • Abyssals may never select Light Path abilities
  • Celestials and Abyssals are bound to their alignment; exposure to the opposite alignment can weaken or harm them. Eg: A Celestial in a desecrated area may be reduced to 1 HP.

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