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Home to the people of the Lowlands, Aylet just barely qualifies to be called a “Human” civilisation – with such a high percentage of other races making up its population. Aylet is situated at a junction of two rivers, in the shade of the Elven forest, and within sight of the Elkhòren mountain range. It was once the largest settlement of Men in the region before it fell to the Ho'rradin people as they marched north through Hamaglen Pass, laying claim to much of the fertile Lowlands, and destroying or enslaving the peoples who dwelt there.
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Though the city was re-taken by the allied forces of Men, Elf, Dwarf and Mage and returned to its ancestral owners – their numbers were far fewer than once they were, and the city became a haven for outcasts and wanderers from all tribes and races in the lands. To this day, Aylet is a thriving multi-cultural hub, and sees more than its fair share of adventuring types passing through on their way to and from the Darkaan University, travelling the Hamaglen Pass, or visiting the Temple of Ashovillia to the North.
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The township of Aylet sits on a magically-tainted fallout zone from the Great Mage Wars. These emanations protect its inhabitants from both physical injury and magical effects - and consequently the influence of Drakaan and the Dragon Throne is tenuous at best. The Blackguards of Aylet will protect notable trade and the interests of its “business council”, and troublemakers may find themselves thrust into the depths of one of Ayelt’s many deep dungeons. They may not be able to cut you down, but you may wind up in a very deep and dark hole. Aylet has both a thriving market and black market where a number of items and services can be bought, traded and sold.

Sydney Park at St Peters acts as the real world equivalent to Aylet on rp days.

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