Cassius Fitzgerald Edit

Cassius was born in the elfish town of Thèlléndomi, raised by his mother Fëanriel he would come to live there for many years. His mother Fëanriel of Thèlléndomir was one of the Elthor or Children of the First who married Simon Fitzgerald a man of the Lowlands during the Ho’rradin Incursion. Simon would later die in battle never meeting is son.

Brought up by his mother he learnt about the ways of the elves, learning about honor and courage and well as compassion for the people of the lands. Being raised in Thèlléndomi Cassius developed a connection to the land, forest, along with all plant and animal life, as was the way in Thèlléndomi.

His mother also taught him about respecting the balance and trained in the ways of Alphamaen Commision. Eventually Cassius found solace in the practice of medicine & healing, Often the first to volunteer his services in tracking down injured animals of the Thèlléndomi forest and healing them. One fate filled day while applying medicine to a sick deer Cassius developed a healing ability. Believing his ability was a gift from Alphamus Cassius continues to believe the Composers great lament will be heard once again.

With all that Cassius had learned in this elfish town it never truly feel like the place he belonged. Being half bread many suspected that his Human side was starting to develop. The Elfish life seemed to far from the world he wanted to know. Eventually making peace with the elves on the idea of losing one of their own he decided to leave his home. Adorned with his fathers necklace and a ring made from a fallen piece of the World Tree in Thèlléndomir, he set off in search of new people & new adventures.

Finding more people in search of the unknown like himself he became a founding member of the clan “The Wanderers of Elkhòren“ To try and help others find what they seek in life and in so doing maybe find a place that he has longed for.

Additional Stories from Event's gameplay:

During the event "The Anvil of making" Cassius was bestowed with the follower Valandil of Leymir for his services to the high elves of Thèlléndomir in retrieving The Shard of Maelanon. Valandil was tasked with retrieving the shard himself, as Cassius was the one to deliver it, Valandil now follows him in hopes of aiding such a worthy hero.

During the even " The Shattering" Cassius was tasked with the care of a small folk child by the name of Celwin Smallburrow. With all the devastation going on in Ghostshire it's no wonder many small folk have lost their homes and families. Celwin is young but brave and has shown a fondness for animals not unlike Cassius when he was younger. He now stays at the side of Cassius and learns all he can from him and the other adventures he meets along this journey.

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