There are three different attributes that make up your character's stats. These are body, spirit and mind.

Attributes are used to identify the limit of strength, health, knowledge and skill of your character and can also limit what skills your character can perform.

Attribute Distribution and LevelingEdit

Each attribute begins at 1 and then during character creation 3 extra points can be assigned in any combination to the different attributes.

Distribution types:

Title Body Mind Spirit
Barbarian 3 2 1
Soldier 3 1 2
Ranger 2 3 1
Sorcerer 1 3 2
Wizard 1 2 3
Priest 2 1 3
Thief 2 2 2

Attributes then can be raised by paying for a level up.

Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5*
500xp 1000xp 1500xp 2000xp

  • Only 1 attribute can be raised to level 5

Body Edit

Represents physical strength and stamina.

The body score dictates your un-augmented health, number of weapon proficiency and Wargear Slots .

Mind Edit

Represents intense training and natural aptitude.

The mind score dictates your character's Item Allowance and the number of path abilities they can have.


Represents learning and supernatural power.

Spirit dictates the number of talents and spirit balls and magic ribbons of each spell (unless otherwise stated) that can be carried.